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Monday, 15 September 2014

Days are getting busy and busier.

Obstacles are getting thick and thicker.

Problems are getting more and more.

Burden is getting heavy and heavier.

Mood is getting down and deep down.

Life is getting harder and harder.

This month is not being good to me and I was told to bear with this month and everything is going to be fine. Mixed feelings are playing around inside me. Uncertainty hits me and I'm losing direction. Same questions keep on repeating and asking myself, "Where am I? Where am I heading to? What am I doing? How am I going to do this? Why is it like this? Am I doing the right thing? Why am I troubling people so much? Is this what I want?"

Lastly, "Who am I?"

Where Am I?
Sunday, 22 June 2014

I'm back.

Finally the peak season has over but still, there's always a sudden heart attack happen. It has been a year working in this company. Time really passed very fast here. The growing pace at here is getting faster and faster. I need to grow up faster, learning more at the same time, training my limits, controlling my emotions, handling the stress hormones and many more.

Sometimes, I'm frighten when my phone rings. Each time when it rings, I'm afraid that the clients call and tell me that there's something wrong somewhere. I think that's where my stress level gone up. I have been spending most of my times for my work and it is unhealthy.

I told myself that I need to balance back my lifestyle. I need to find back my hobbies, my interest. What I want to do next. My mission other than earning. My ambition that I have forgotten. Recently, I have lost my confident, my motivation, my steadiness. I don't know where am I standing, what am I seeing. Everything has been covered up.

Where's my light that show me the road, the direction that I'm heading to?

Where am I right now?

Sunday, 1 December 2013

When people get older, problems are increasing and many thoughts are running in mind. There's more things to worry and to think of. And this is where we will grow up little by little after going through one obstacle to another. 

At times, I wish I could run away from these obstacles, troubles, hectic life but I couldn't. I must face them. This is life. Life without them isn't life. Everyone of us need to go through the ups and downs in order to grow up, become stronger. Today may be your bad day, but always think that, tomorrow will be a better day. Maybe you don't have luck today, but you will have good one in coming days. Think positive. Don't be afraid. You are still young, just go ahead and explore. This is what you need to go through. It's your life. Solutions are always there for you to seek to fix the problems. 

Make your life fulfilling and beautifully, Panda.  

Sunday, 6 October 2013

I need a stronger heart and thicker skin. 

Sunday, 28 July 2013

Today is the day that you leave us and travel to somewhere far. It has been 3 years. But I'm still feeling that you are still here with us. 

Sometimes when I stay up late at night, watching TV, I heard the noise of your keys. You used to go out having supper with friends at night and I will be watching TV while waiting for you to come home and bring foods back for me. The feeling is still here, so fresh in me. 

Whenever the bus stop at the junction, I could imagine that you are getting off from the bus and walking back home. You are so different than others. Most of the people drive to work, but you take bus to work for all the years. 

You and I like to go window-shopping. Although we didn't buy anything, we still feel good and happy. Sometimes, we will buy a lot of things back and then get scolded. But, we are happy! 

I hope that you are doing good there and we are doing good here. We will always miss you. 

 I love you, dad. =')

Sunday, 12 May 2013

Hello humans! I'm back!

I was really busy with the assignments, research and etc in the past few months and I'm finally done with all those. AND I STILL SURVIVE! Thank god that the result aren't bad, it meets my expectation.

I'm done with all the studies in uni and currently having my internship for 4 months! I just started working last week. Everything is going pretty good so far although it is tiring at times. The colleagues are nice and I like the boss and lady boss! They are so nice and cute. Hahahahahaha. And I have Sue Fei, Belinda and Ying with me, we are doing internship here together! Hope that we all can graduate together with flying colours! =)

A lot of friends are finishing their studies and graduating this year. We are going to step into next level of life. Life is getting harder for us but never give up, keep on going and strike for your dream! Hwaiting! X)

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Happy Chinese New Year, everyone!

I guess that everyone is back to reality for work or studies now after a week of break. Honestly.. the break is short. One week of break is nothing.

It is an epic moment for me now. Assignments are meeting me and also deadlines. Feeling so insecure out of sudden and the confidence level decreases. A lot of thoughts playing in my mind and unwanted worries. This is my last semester for my degree, so maybe I'm giving stress to myself in order to improve or sustain my results. Wish not to think a lot. *pray pray pray*

Need some motivation to start my works!